Our promise.

Quality, partnership and reliability are elements of our DNA. From technical performance, to ensuring compliance with the highest environmental standards, all the way to delivery performance. Our guiding principle is based on enthusiasm for our customers' products, combined with the ambition to always find the optimal, best-fitting solution.

"We meet our goals, implement professional solutions, and produce products with the highest quality standards while protecting the environment." - Jens Groth


Compared with other materials, aluminum impresses with excellent functional and optical properties such as low weight, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and versatile processing options. Due to the possibility of the endless material cycle of aluminum, the material is climate-efficient and durable. Did you know that 75% of the aluminum produced is still currently in use? We make it a priority to contribute to the reduction of global emissions and a green future economy with our products made of recyclable materials and low carbon footprint. Our aluminum profiles are made of at least 75% recycled material. In this way, we can not only protect the environment, but also support our customers on their way to a sustainable future.