Aluminum Profiles.

Since the foundation of the company, extruded aluminum products have represented a decisive branch of our activity. We are able to offer profiles in almost all dimensions from 0.25-35 kg/m. Together with our customers and our products we share decisive characteristics: High quality, versatility and reliability. In order to realize both series production and project business with our customers, we have relied on our philosophy of the all-in-one package for decades. Our customers appreciate that we provide support for the entire value-added process chain. From consulting, development, foundry operation, toolmaking, extrusion plant, mechanical processing to surface finishing. This valuable combination enables us, as a German supplier, to guarantee first-class quality from a sustainable source.

Billet Foundry
Utilization of process scrap, and recycled aluminum as a contribution to the circular economy. The foundry business as part of the process chain delivers sustainable flexibility and security of supply for our customers and us.

In-house expertise and experience at the heart of an extrusion line, equipment construction and maintenance.

Extrusion presses
Innovative extrusion solutions through state-of-the-art plant technology for high-quality and complex requirements.

Mechanical processing
Pre-finished solutions in every dimension through the most modern manufacturing concepts: CNC, punching, bending, welding, etc. up to fully automated special systems.

Surface finishing
Anodizing as well as powder coating from one source, for a visually sophisticated and functional finish according to customer requirements.

Customized logistics and packaging solutions guarantee reliable and predictable planning.

Alloy Portfolio.

With over 70 years of experience with this material, we offer a wide range of aluminum alloys with properties that contribute to the ideal product solution.

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